PvE Raiding Guild Twisting Nether EU


Guild Info:
Rehab is a newly found semi-hardcore raiding guild on Alliance side of Silvermoon EU. Our focus is in raiding and we aim to clear content on Mythic while its current.

Our guild members are expected to maintain high attendance and play at a high level. We are looking for intelligent raiders who have a short learning curve on new content! Every raider is expected to be up to date on tactics for any boss we are progressing on! All announcements can be found on our website, so its worth it to check our site daily.

Our trial period for new members lasts typically one week. Depends on attendance and performance.

Loot is distributed via LootCouncil.

Raid Times:
Wednesday: 18:30 – 22:00
Thursday: 18:30 – 22:00
Sunday: 18:30 – 22:00

Invites always 18:20 – We will never extend our raid times!

Our interest in Legion:
Cutting edge raiding with good standing on Silvermoon.

Social environment:
For us, this game is a hobby and we want to keep our raid environment enjoyable.

Why should I join Rehab?
We want to build stable community that is able to compete top Silvermoon guilds. Since our guild is on the beggining you have really high chance to become founder member and secure your spot.

Our exceptations of you:
• Motivation / Team spirit
• Stable attendance
• Stable internet
• Ability to learn quickly from your mistakes
• Know your class
• Always prepared, able to understand encounters, willing to use best possible consumables/enchants/gems
• We are looking for mature people who are able to handle constructive criticism
• TS3, we do expect you to communicate with us

Expect from us:
• Cutting edge progression
• High standarts
• Friendly enviroment
• Social aspect
• Experienced leadership
• Stable raid spot

If interested feel free to apply and we will contact you within 24hours. For additional infos use contact below.



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