PvE Raiding Guild Twisting Nether EU


Breaking any of these rules will result in a strike. Accumulating 3 strikes will result in adequate actions as demote or gkick.

1. Guild Master
2. Officer
3. Raider
4. Trial – 1 week
5. Alt
6. Social

1. Social enviroment
a. We are friendly/social to every player and we do respect each other
b. Visit our website daily for informations
c. We are playing as team!
d. Toxic people are instantly removed
e. Behave maturely and be a good representative of the guild. Do not harass in chat.

2. Raids
a. 3 raid days – Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 18:30 – 22:00
b. We do not extend raid hours
c. Raid invites start 18:20 / Break always 20:25 – 20:30
d. Raiders attendance need to be atleast 90%!
e. You need to sign up on our events via ingame callendar – in advance
If you cant attend on specific raid day, let us know on forums in absence section. We require a minimum of 2 days notice unless it is an emergency.
f. Mandatory Addons: DBM/BigWigs
g. Raid preparation – full tactic knownledge, fully prepared character (best possible consumables, enchants and gems)
h. Full focus – we do not tolerate slack on trash and between pulls, since we have only 9hrs/week and we are interested in having progression
i. Bench – if you are benched ur supposed to stay in touch, you may leave game only in special cases, also u need to let RL know about this (you will probably wont get benched like ever since we are going for small roster)
j. Wipe and Raid end – called by Raid leader
k. During progression we are always going for best possible setup!
l. We require each player to not only understand and contribute to our strat, but find every other piece of information available to them to be prepared for the fight. You need to put in the effort. Everyone is expected to provide maximum performance.

3. Loot system
a. Loot priority depends on multiple factors like 1. attendance 2. performance 3. stats (dedication and effort will be rewarded)
b. RL/Officer team spreads loot

We are one team one dream.

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