Hello, are you looking for semi-hardcore guild that you can call home for long term? Are you looking for new friends? Are you interested in building new community on Silvermoon?
Social aspect really means alot for us, with semi-hardcore attitude.

We are <Rehab>, brand new PvE semi-hardcore guild on alliance side of Silvermoon.

Idea to build the guild just happened right now. We want to build 20-22 man roster, atm we are looking for core raiders. You can pretty much secure your spot. However guild is starting from the scratch, so you have to be patient while building up.

Our top priority – start raiding ASAP.

What we are looking for? Skilled, dedicated players who can pull their own weight. We are basically starting from scratch, so you have to be patient. All I can say is that its gonna be worth it, because we are ex-hardcore players who are really experienced with guild management.

Are you getting benched in your guild? Join our roster, since we are looking for small roster with capable and reliable people you will never lose your raid spot. We are patient people, also we are willing to help.

You can expect us doing boost runs for raiders, so you will never run out of gold because of gametime or consumables. Also we are going to make videos of our team, because we have really good movie maker in our squad 🙂

Raid days:
Wednesday 18:30 – 22:00
Thursday 18:30 – 22:00
Sunday 18:30 – 22:00

Our websitehttp://rehabguild.com/
If you are any interested please contact me on btag or just simply fill an application on our site 🙂: